Do You Have a Holiday Marketing Plan?

Even thought we are still in September, time is getting short for holiday sales planning.

Do you have your holiday marketing plan in place yet?  Once sales start rolling in, you won’t have time to thinking about planning or marketing.  So Do You Have a Holiday Marketing Plan?let’s get started today!

First thought, I love how Mckenna Hallet, author of My Golden Words, describes marketing as a verb! She suggests …

Take a day to give deep thought and create a long list of ideas for your marketing. Do you need better photographs? Do you need to create a video? What kind of stories need sharing in a blog post? What are you doing with social media?

On another note, Mail Chimp, the popular email provider, suggests the following specific tips for holiday marketing…

Opens and clicks decrease during the holidays

Don’t fret when these numbers drop off. Focus on your unsubscribes instead.

Respect your most engaged customers

Longtime customers probably want to know about new products, not old ones. Send them email based on what they really want.

Think of inactive customers in a new way

These folks might just be waiting for the perfect time to shop. For many, the holiday season is that time.

Promote your best offers

Subject lines are important. Take the opportunity to be clear about any coupons, sales, shipping promotions, or other big offers.

Send more email

It’s more important than ever to maintain a presence in inboxes during the holidays. Think of it like raising your voice to be heard in a crowded room.

Keep your list clean

With engagement lower around the holidays, you need to avoid bounces and spam reports. Send only to people who know you and are expecting your content.


Entrepreneur website lists the following “6 Musts of a Successful Holiday Marketing Campaign

1. Plan a personalized campaign.

Instead of hoping your customers will be seen with your products and spread the word, why not take the next step and let them physically insert themselves into your ad?…

2. Get your staff involved.

…Some companies feature their staffs directly in commercials, while others simply encourage their employees to participate and share the personalized campaign.

3. Hit key emotions with your campaign.

… all people make decisions emotionally before justifying them rationally. As a result, a successful holiday marketing campaign should be an emotional one…

4. Create an easy-to-share campaign.

While it’s hard to predict what will go viral, it’s possible to maximize your chances. One important element is that the campaign is easy to share….

5. Include online deals.

…Don’t discount the power of email when reaching out to customers and advertising your deals both online and off for tempting in-store deals.

6. Create a consistent experience across all channels.

Multi-channel marketing is the norm …. However, it’s crucial to create a consistent user experience regardless of which channels your customers are using. …. The deals you’re offering should also stay consistent.






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