The Secret Method of Cold Calling

Even though I am a seasoned sales rep, I don’t care for cold calling.  It can be a disruption to the buyer, it can annoy those you are wishing to sell, and it does not often give sales people the information they need to understand the needs of their potential buyer.

Actually, what we need is a filtering method for our cold calls.  Knowing what people are interested in talking with you or not can be screened through this method.

Sales Gravy recently posted an article called, Cold Calling According to Mom by Laura Posey.

Here is “Mom’s” cold calling method:

She never tries to convince anyone to set an appointment when she calls…

You see, she views calling as a survey. The purpose of the call is to sort people into three lists:

  • People who are curious about what you are selling
  • People are not ready to talk about what you are selling
  • People who are too dumb to be curious about what you are selling

… Instead of wasting your time trying to hammer the wrong people into meeting with you, why not just call enough people and find the ones who are interested now?

Recognize that the ones who say “no” are really just saying “not now”. You can always call them back at a later time when they might be in the “yes” pile.

If you’re skeptical about how this would work, imagine this scenario.

I give you a list of 100 people to call. Your job is ask them 1) if they like chocolate ice cream and 2) if they would like a free sample if they do.

That’s it. I’ll pay you $100 to do the survey and give me the tally sheet of results….

A survey is so simple to do because you don’t care about the outcome. You aren’t trying to convince people to like chocolate ice cream; you are just seeing who does and who doesn’t. And you only offer the free sample to people you know want it.

That is all that cold calling is – a survey. Your job is to dial enough numbers to fill in your ‘’yes” column with quality appointments.

That’s it.

“Mom’ goes on to explain how to set up a sheet with four columns, based on the response you receive — enabling you, as the sales person, to follow-up appropriately at a later time.





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