Making Your Holiday Booth Inviting to Customers

Exhibiting at a holiday booth, craft show or kiosk are all profitable and effect way to showcase your products, get feedback from consumers, and sell gift items to your customer and potential customers.

Previously, I wrote an article on how and why of exhibiting in holiday retail shows , but want to devote this post on a few tips while running your booth.

Ways to make your booth more inviting to customers:Making Your Holiday Booth Inviting to Customers

    1. Smile, smile, smile at everyone — even if they don’t stop at your booth.  They may be in a hurry to visit a different booth and might stop to check out your products on their way out!
    2. Stand in or to the side of your booth.  When you stand, you are at eye level with your potetial customers making communication easier.
    3. Greet everyone who stops to look at your products, but allow your potential customers to browse for a few minutes undisturbed.
    4. Make sure you are always on hand to answer questions, communicate and just be friendly.  Don’t talk on your phone, play solitary or engage in any other distracting activities.
    5. Refrain from eating in you booth, if all possible. Have a ‘fill-in’ person available when you need to take a break, eat or visit the rest rooms.
    6. If you make a product that can be made or  demonstrated in your booth, by all means create your pieces on site and share your creations with the people who stop by.  Or if you make gourmet foods or candies, share samples of your goodies!!

Along these lines, here are some helpful show practices (to help you communicate better) , from Alyson Stanfield from the Art Biz Blog.

Ways You Might Be Scaring Off Potential Buyers

Being indecisive about prices. Indecision makes you appear less confident. Set your prices after you’ve done your homework and be ready to share them…

Apologizing for your (products). The apologetic artist who brushes aside compliments about her art is not market-attractive….I’m saying that you need to hold your head up and say “Thank You” when you are given a compliment.

Playing down the fact that you’re an artist (or producer or professional crafter)…You’re an artist or you’re not. There’s no “kind of” about it. Embrace it. Practice it. Live it.

Stammering when someone asks you about your work. No one knows your art better than you. When you are given the chance to tell someone about your work, you must be able to speak intelligently. After all, who else would they turn to?

Having an outdated website. Your website is often the first place people will see your art. It should be a priority, not an afterthought…

(MY NOTE:  This also applies to any business cards, sales literature, or materials you give out during a show)

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2 comments for “Making Your Holiday Booth Inviting to Customers

  1. October 30, 2017 at 5:49 am

    Great advice! We do many shows and one of our rules is to engage potential customers in conversation, even if it is just about the weather or how they are enjoying the show. This of course is after a friendly greeting and a smile. My daughter does shows as well and she has a folding chair that is bar stool height. She takes it with her so she can sit when she is tired and still be at eye level with the customers

  2. October 30, 2017 at 10:24 am

    Thanks Janis,

    And yes, a bar stool height chairs works well if need to use a chair!

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