Dealing with Holiday Stress

Holidays can be stressful by themselves.  But if you have a gift  product-based business and/or you run a holiday booth, dealing with stress can be an extra that needs to be dealt with.

I remember the first holiday kiosk we ran over 10 years ago.  Being really worried about the 12 hour days, 7 days a week, scared me to death.  As it turned out, I had a blast.  Most of my stress dealt with the imagined issues.  But, on the other hand, Thanksgiving and Christmas day was a bit of a disaster!!

Anyway, this seemed like a good time to research some tips on dealing with holiday stress!

The first article deals with some of the business stress we may face during the holiday:

Dealing with Holiday Stress4 Tips on How to Deal with Holiday Stress

How do we deal with these stressors so we can be gracious and centered in a time that’s intended to give us gratitude and peace? 

  • Recognize we may not get everything done. We can prioritize what must get done—in our work and elsewhere—and focus on top priorities.
  • Schedule everything. Things can fall through the cracks if we’re not closely tracking our increased work and social obligations. A missed appointment or deadline will only compound our stress!
  • Set expectations. When mutual expectations are undefined, we’re setting ourselves up for misunderstandings to occur later. For instance, when preparing for holiday events or family gatherings we should be clear about the details and who’s responsible for providing what. “Level-setting” expectations is just as important outside of work.
  • Remember to breath! It’s important to be mindful during stressful periods. From time to time we should just sit, be still, and center ourselves. 

The second article applies to everything you do (or think we need to do during the holidays):

Dealing with Stress During the Holidays

1. Lower Your Expectations

Having high hopes for the holidays is one thing, thinking that your holiday is going to be absolutely flawless and that everyone will remember it fondly, another. …my advice to you: keep it simple. Make sure you build in plenty of down time and activities to de-stress.

2. Stick to Your Norm

Don’t give in to the holiday bulge. Try to eat as you normally would. Not everything has to be a treat.

3. Shorten Your Must-Do List

We all have activities which we love to take part in during the holidays, but feeling like we have to squeeze in each and every one of them during a short holiday adds stress.

4. Reduce the Time You Spend Shopping

…research shows that spending money on experiences yields more happiness than spending on things.

5. Beware the Symptoms of Stress

Learn to pay attention to your body and learn the warning signs of stress…

More information on this topic:

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