Attitude Effects Everything!

I have been following Rob Fortier for a long time.  His posts are full of great information and wonderful insight.

Recently, he posted an article:  Attitude is Everything.

I was so moved by the article that I asked and got permission to post the Rob Fortier -- Attitude Effects Everything!full article (something I don’t usually do).

Attitude is Everything

Ever notice that when you’re in a good mood, everything just seems to go right?  You hit every green light.  There’s no line at your favorite coffee stop.  And finding a parking space is super-easy.  It feels amazing, like the whole world is on your side.

And the opposite holds true if you over-snooze and stub your toe as you frantically jump out of bed in a mad dash.  That cloud hangs over you and seems to just mess up your whole day.

But have you ever stopped to consider that maybe, just maybe, your bad day is your own fault, and that perhaps your amazing day is also, well, your own doing?

When something good happens to us, we’re happy and our mood lightens.  We might get a rush of feel-good hormones.  We have a positive outlook and are open to finding solutions to the challenges of the day.

But when our mood and our attitudes are down, everything suddenly seems like a disaster and there’s no hope of turning everything around.  Perhaps unconsciously, we see the negative in almost every situation.  And because of that, we perpetuate the idea that good things can’t come to us.

Attitude is everything.  Many people who are successful at business and in life have adopted the outlook that they have already won.  That may seem a little arrogant, but what this attitude does is helps keep you sharp and willing to look for answers, rather than getting frustrated.

And it’s not about being a Mary Sunshine all the time. Everyone has days that just don’t go according to plan.  But the trick is to not let bad situations (or days) completely overwhelm you.

So how’s your attitude about your business?  Are you sailing over the moon, or are you stuck in an endless swirl of things you think you can’t do?

How are you handling days (or weeks) that just don’t go so well?  Are you cursing like a sailor and getting mad at the world?  Or are you brushing the dust off and trying again?

Are you in need of a little attitude adjustment?  Hit reply and tell me what you’re struggling with, and I’ll see if I can help (no strings attached!).

Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t—you’re right.”

Here’s to your success!

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