Last Chance — Tax Deduction for your Wholesale Education

Happy New Year!  … and best wishes for your wholesaling (and retailing) success in the coming year (2018!).

I can’t believe we are almost there!

I’ve not written to you in a while, as I am working on new projects. But, my digital products on wholesaling, are still providing value to hundreds of small businesses, just like yours.

Anyway, just reminder, the end of the tax year is coming up, and there are only 2 days left, to get a juicy tax deduction for investing in any (or all) of my programs!

If you own and operate a product marketing (or other related) business, full-time or part-time, my educational resources are tax deductible on your Schedule C, partnership (including LLC), corporate, or other business expense forms.

If you’ve been mulling over purchasing one or more of my resources, then DECEMBER 31 (this Sunday), is THE LAST DAY to deduct this investment on your 2017 business tax return.

A quick summary of what I offer:

1) The seminal work that started it all: The Complete eGuide for Selling to Independent Retail Stores! Once you are ready to take the fear out of selling wholesale to store buyers – and visualize EVERY aspect of how to sell wholesale – this is for you! The eGuide includes detailed steps on how to make calls, and develop materials you will need BEFORE hiring and managing reps or exhibiting at wholesale trade shows, which are covered in my other two resources.

2)    Once you own a viable product line that retailers are enjoying success with – and are sending you re-orders – you are ready to test the waters with trade shows. My succinct resource – Trade Show Exhibiting Secrets! – will dramatically improve your results with a relatively minor investment in your business… and priced at an incredible bargain.

3)    Again, once you have proof of concept (retailers are enjoying success with your line), you are ready to leverage your business and start hiring independent sales reps. Discover my top selling resource, How to Find, Recruit, and Manage Independent Sales Reps! Nothing will explode your business faster!

But again, MAKE SURE you are ready! If you are new to wholesaling, get the eGuide first (or at the same time) as hiring reps is an advanced strategy… not necessarily a growth strategy for start-ups.

I also offer combination packages of these resources, including the whole enchilada (all three info-trainings at a steep discount). Discover these at Special E-Guide Packages.



And again, deduct the cost of ANY of these on your business tax return for 2017.

Even better, if you are a cash-basis business, you can buy a  Wholesale Business coaching session or package now, and we can schedule for January or February. Check it out here:  1-on-1 Wholesale Business Consulting / Coaching

But only if you purchase by Sunday… after that, the IRS gets to use your business expense money FREE for another entire year.

Check with your financial and/or tax advisor if you have questions about this tax-saving opportunity.

In the meantime, here is to 2018… during which I support your vision as THE most prosperous year in your business history!

To your success…





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