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Promoting your website, along with your products or services, is a number one prioirity for small business.  In the sea of wholesale/retail, a small producer can get lost among the ‘big boys’ of retail.

Long gone are the days of ‘build it and they will come’ with websites and online marketing.  Back 14 or so years ago when I first went online with my wholesale and retail business, a good URL, a few keys words, listing in the Promoting Your Websitesearch engines was all you really need to drive customers to your shop.  Not anymore!!

Listing tips to marketing your website now can easily fill a book!  But instead of a book, I want to share Alyson Stanfield’s article:

20 Ways to Lure People to Your Website

Add some of these ideas to your marketing mix for more eyes on your art (and creative products).

Best, Basic Practices

1. Write a newsletter article with a hook, which requires recipients to visit your site to read the end of the article.

2. In your emails and social media posts, tell people why they should click. What’s in it for them? Why should they interrupt their focus and visit your site?

3. Give something away to people who visit your site and sign up for your list.

4. Mention your website address on your voicemail.

5. Add your website address to the back or underside of your art (or on your label)! If an attached piece of paper disappears, the website will still be with the piece….

6. Blog regularly. People are more likely to return if they know there is going to be fresh content…..

Alyson’s list goes on to suggest Social Media Stradegies and other excellent suggestions.  Make sure to read the full article.

Other techniques I use to promote my website, in addition to Alyson’s suggestions:

  • Adding my URL to my email signature.
  • Posting appropriate information on industry facebook pages and groups where I am an active member (notice I said ‘active member’!).
  • Setting up a LinkedIn account with my website contact info.
  • Cross promoting with my ‘competitors’ (which are mostly my friends in the industry).
  • Handing out my business cards (which include my website URL) at industry related events and shows.
  • Offering personalized services where possible….

Of course, the list is endless, but there should be a few suggestions you can implement immediately!

Note:  If you do not have your own website, let me encourage you to set one up as soon as possible.  I consistantly use 3DCart for my product based businesses.  Here is my review of the software:

Amazing E-Commerce Shopping Cart Software

Building Your Own Website







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