Selling and Marketing to Your Exact Customers

When you develop a product or product line, keep in mind your exact customers that will buy your items.

One lesson I learned early on as a new sales rep was that I could not sell a product to a store that was not my exact customer.  In other words, my Lewis & Clark candy bars (my first wholesale line), sold wonderfully to the stores along the Lewis & Clark trail.  But the stores that were further away from the trail were not good customers for these candy bars.  Likewise, my Idaho based products sell well to nearly any gift store in the state of Idaho, but don’t do so well for folks in the southern or eastern part of the country.

When selling and marketing your products, remember first who your exactSelling and Marketing to Your Exact Customerscustomers are and gear your sales materials to those customers and market.

Example of Targeting Your Exact Customers

One of my coaching clients produces and sells a beautiful high-end line of personal care products.  One of her biggest markets is salons and spas.  But she also wants to market to swimsuit shops.

I was a bit baffled by this until she explained that a few of her products contain special ingredients geared towards sunbathers.  Now it made sense to target swimsuit shops.

But, in order to attract those buyers, she will need to re-work her sales sheets to cater to those buyers and their end consumers.

Whereas her standard sales sheets work well for her salon and spa customers (and similar type stores), swimsuit stores would be confused by the standard sales sheets.

I suggested she work up a special sales sheets explaining why these customers would buy her products from their store.  In her sales sheets, she included:

  • Color photos of the particular products geared toward this specialty market
  • Item pricing and case pricing
  • Short list of ingredients, focusing on the ingredients that would attract this market and why
  • Listing of order and payment terms
  • Complete contact information

In addition, I suggested she also include a complete line sheet of all her personal care products when approaching these specialty shops.  You just never know when a buyer is so impressed by the specialty products that she/he will want to buy the complete line!


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