Best Email List Opt-In Options

I’ve read tons of information on-line on why to have an email list and how to write a good email, but what about how to get visitors to your website to sign up for your email list.

Artsy Shark offers some of the following options:

How do you gather email subscriber names and emails Best Email List Opt-In Optionsonline?

Your website should have an opt-in form, preferably popping up when visitors come to your website. That opt-in form needs to give them a reason to subscribe to your email campaigns … Here are some incentives artists have used to gain subscribers:

  • Subscribe to get an exclusive preview of your newest work
  • Subscribe to receive free shipping on first purchase
  • Subscribe to be invited to VIP events
  • Subscribe to receive invitations to your shows and fairs
  • Subscribe to receive a discount on first purchase
  • Subscribe to get a free download of your art to use as wallpaper

Other options to build your email list would include the following (that I have personally used:

  1. Offer a free report or tips sheet
  2. Offer a limited email subscription to an industry-related ‘How To” series
  3. Offer a list of industry-related tools

The options are endless, if you give it much thought.  In my case, I just needed to remember what challenges I faced when I first started in the field and what I wished I knew at the time that I know now!

There are plenty of email service providers to chose from and each supplies instructions and tutorials on how to use them — so I won’t go into that at this time.  But I will refer you to the Artsy Shark article for more information on where to place your sign up forms:

Where else can you place opt-in forms on your website?

A popup form is a nice start, but there are actually lots of other places on your website where you can solicit email subscribers. Here are some of them:

  • Place a subscriber offer in a colored bar that sits above the header at the very top of your Home page.
  • Put a subscriber link or form in a sidebar if you have that in your site layout.
  • Place a subscription offer on your About page.
  • Place a subscription offer on your Contact page.
  • Create a full “landing page” on your website for the purpose of attracting subscribers, telling your story, sharing your art, and extending your offers.
  • Got a blog? Ask subscribers to sign up through a link at the bottom of the article.
  • Or, place a subscriber request in the middle of a blog post.

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