Inspirational Biz Quote from Maria Rodale

Today’s business tip is from …Inspirational Biz Quote from Maria Rodale
Maria Rodale

Maria Rodale (born January 24, 1962) is the CEO and Chairman of Rodale, Inc., a publisher of health, wellness, and environmental content. She is the third generation of the Rodale family to lead the company, which was founded by her grandfather J. I. Rodale in 1930 and later led by both her father, Robert Rodale, and mother, Ardath Rodale.  A lifelong advocate on behalf of organic farming and gardening, Maria is also the author of five books.

“I would love to see us all succeed together, but we will do what we have to do to succeed and survive in that sustainable way that benefits everyone.”

It is wonderful to share one’s success with others.  The Rodale family has shared their success with organic farming with the world for three generations — changing the way we garden.

It's My Pleasure by Maria RodaleSuccess is ‘contagious’ when we share what we do to become successful.  So many gurus in the world are doing just that.  And one by one they are changing their part of the world.

What if each of us made this the philosophy of our business.  I love when I hear of companies sharing profits with their employees.  What if we all reached out to share our success — our profits — with our employees and customers?

What are you doing today to share your successes?  Even something small can help someone along the way.


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