Fear to Success

Last week, I published an article on Dealing with Too Much Stress.  In the article, I looked at my own life and made the following statement, in regards to stress:

After observing myself over the years, I find that most of my stress starts with fear: Fear that I won’t get everything done in a timely manner; fear that I am going to ‘lose it’ if I don’t get my house and warehouse back in order; fear that the new project I am working on won’t sell ….

I suggested making lists of all that needed to be done and to work your list as needed.

But, I know that I’ve gone through periods where I was stressed to the Fear to Successpoint of fear and did not know where or how to proceed — or even make up a list of my priorities!  I am sure I am not the only one who goes through ‘breakdowns’ like this.

Breakdown or Breakthrough

My last ‘breakdown’ led to one of my greatest ‘breakthrough’ in several months. I spent some time in meditation and visioning and realized that working with people one on one or in small groups is what I love best!  How could I forget that?

Often when we are in the middle of a confusing time, we totally lose sight of who we are or what we want to impact the world.  I frequently feel this way during tax season.  Even though I worked as a bookkeeper for several years when I was younger, now it is my most dreaded job!!  So during tax time, I am so focused on getting our returns done, that I lose sight of what I really want to do with my business.  And, alas, stress over taxes turns into depression which turns into lack of productive action.

So my breakthrough came when I finished the taxes, but couldn’t seem to get motivated to work on my business.  Have you ever felt that way?  After a long talk with my husband, I realized that my inaction towards doing the things I loved was snowballing and causing depression.  Dumb, I know, but that was where I was at!

Now, after spending time in looking at my priorities and goals, I know I need to move forward on the projects I started last year (and didn’t finish due to holiday sales).

Taking action — no matter what the action is — towards your long-term goals is the best way I know to work out of fear and into success!

Now stay turned over the next weeks for an announcement about a new opportunity for you to grow your business!!






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