How Do I Make More Money Selling Wholesale?

If you are not reaching the income level you want selling wholesale, there are several factors that may be creating your lack of success.

Following are some excellent tips from Claire at Indie Retail Academy

What do you need to do to make twice as much money from selling your work to shops?

Answer #1. Start selling more stuff.

Your brain has this radical idea that you’ll double your revenue if you “sell more items.” Crazy, right?

But hang on. Maybe there’s something stopping you from selling your work as effectively as possible.

Are you pitching your lovely thing to retailers on a regular basis? Are your product photos and descriptions laser-targeted to your particular customer? Do you know how to sell your work in a way that feels good, so you actually enjoy doing it?

If you’re laughing in a hollow kind of way right now, these How Do I Make More Money Selling Wholesale?are the things you need to fix if you want to double your income.

Answer #2. Stop leaving money on the table.

Your brain says some of the things you do cost you cash. It’s rather insistent on this point.

Maybe you’re not following up with the retailers you pitch to because you’re scared you’ll look pushy.

Maybe you’re not getting in touch with existing stockists when you have new items.

Maybe you’re wasting your time by sending submissions to the wrong stores.

Whatever you’re doing (or not doing,) your brain says you’d have a lot more money if you fixed this stuff. In fact, your brain says that if you sorted out these issues you’d probably do a lot better than simply doubling your revenue, because these kinds of solutions tend to stack up…

Answer #3. Stop thinking “I can’t do this.”

Okay, I think we just hit a nerve. Your brain wants me to be very clear about this.

You CAN make your business work in the way you want it to. You CAN make twice as much money, starting right now. You DON’T have to shrink your dreams and settle for what you can get.

If you know you need to work on your buyers’ pack, go do that. If you know you need to switch from consignment to getting paid upfront by stores, go do that. Fix what you know you need to fix.

I think what your brain is trying to say is:

You’re smarter and stronger than you think you are.

I agree with Claire:  We are much smarter and stronger than we think we are!  You can do this!!




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