Moving from Fear to Confidence

Dealing with fear seems to be a popular topic among many producers.  I know I have dealt with my share of fear in my business (Check out my article on Fear to Success).

There are many ways to deal with fear.  I like what Alyson Stanfield from the Art Biz Blog suggests in her article:Moving from Fear to Confidence

How to Project Confidence (Even If You Have to Fake It)

Confidence is one of the most collector-attractive qualities an artist can possess.

And, yet, doubt and fear are endemic in artists’ lives.

You are bound to go through peaks and valleys as you’re experimenting with your art and business decisions. I realize it’s a big ask, but try to be comfortable with the discomfort when it comes.

Use these six tips to project confidence even when you’re questioning your talent and place in the world.

Load up on experience. The best potion for exorcising fear and doubt is experience. Experience builds confidence 99x faster than walking on hot coals or loading your Kindle with self-help books….

Visualize the situation.  As you are preparing for an event such as an art opening, visualize how you want to show up. Imagine yourself firmly planted in the room, welcoming each guest with a firm handshake, and cherishing the eyes on your artwork….

Spiff up. A new outfit can do wonders for your esteem, as can painting your nails and shining your shoes. Or try a new hairdo. Yep, you guys can do this, too. Anything that improves your appearance will give you a boost.

Stand up straight. Don’t slouch in the back of the room. Pull your shoulders back, hold your head high, and introduce yourself to people.

Charm their pants off. Introducing yourself to strangers is a quick way to relieve any anxiety around an event with lots of people that you’d like to connect with. As you meet someone new, look them in the eye, smile, and call them by name. Repeat their name a couple of times as you’re speaking so you remember it….

Never belittle your work. Never apologize. When someone says something kind about your art, all you have to do is say Thank you. Don’t giggle and brush aside their compliment. Don’t look down at the floor and say, Aw shucks. Look them in the eye and express your gratitude.

Try these tips to see how much your confidence increases … and turns into more sales and income!






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