What are the Important Elements of a Website

Website and web marketing has exploded in the 16 years since I created my first website!  At that time, web templates were expensive and greatly limited to those, like me, who did not want to hire a webmaster.

Today, most e-commerce sites are fairly simple to create and are affordable for nearly any small business.

But what are the important elements of your website?

Artsy Shark features an artist perspective on setting up your own website.  Here are his tips:

What are the most important elements that every artist website must have?

There are many elements that an artist website needs to have and the complete list is too long to reproduce in this article.  However, the top ones are as follows:

  1. a simple way to join the artist’s email list
  2. a design that allows for easy viewing of high-quality images of your artworks and products
  3. clear call to action on what steps to take next if interested in purchasing
  4. a professional design that works seamlessly on mobile devices
  5. hosting on your own domain name
  6. served securely over https (especially starting in July of 2018)

There are several more elements that you should have to achieve your goal of projecting a professional image, but just nailing these six would get you quite far.

Our first website is still hosted on the original template we purchased many years ago:  Idaho Gifts Wholesale.  Although the site was fairly easy to use, you can probably see that the ‘bells and whistles’ are limited.  And the site is not the most appealing site on the web.  Since I am only targeting specific wholesale customers, I chose to leave the site on the old (and outdated) platform.

A few years ago we discovered 3DCart. We fell in love with the platform and migrated two of our e-commerce website to 3DCart.  It was one of the best decisions we made that year!

If you would like to check them out, here they are:

Before we decided on 3DCart, we checked out several other e-commerce options and found them wanting in one form or another.

Here are some of the feature-rich, “off the shelf” shopping cart features we enjoy with 3DCart:

• REASONABLE pricing!
• Effective RETAIL AND WHOLESALE pricing — on the same website!
• Ability to drop ship directly from vendors – with Automatic Notifications to them!
• An INTEGRATED affiliate program!
• ROBUST shipping options!
• An integrated GIFT REGISTRY!
• An integrated Auto-Responder email system!
• Rich SEO (Search Engine Optimization) options!
• Integration with major SOCIAL MEDIA

If you are interested in more information on 3DCart check out the following articles:





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