Inspirational Quote from Jane Goodall

Today’s business tip is from …Inspirational Quote from Jane Goodall
Jane Goodall

Dame Jane Morris Goodall born April 3, 1934) is a British primatologist and anthropologist. Considered to be the world’s foremost expert on chimpanzees, Goodall is best known for her over 55-year study of social and family interactions of wild chimpanzees since she first went to Gombe Stream National Park, Tanzania in 1960. She is the founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and the Roots & Shoots programme, and she has worked extensively on conservation and animal welfare issues. She has served on the board of the Nonhuman Rights Project since its founding in 1996. In April 2002, she was named a UN Messenger of Peace.

“Whatever we believe about how we got to be the extraordinary creatures we are today is far less important than bringing our intellect to bear on how do we get together now around the world and get out of the mess that we’ve made. That’s the key thing now. Never mind how we got to be who we are.”

A very profound statement, in my opinion, coming from a scientist — especial a scientist who works with primates.

Reason for Hope: A Spiritual Journey by Jane GoodallRather than getting into the evolution or creation debate, Jane encourages us to work on the problems our world faces today.  After all, she says, that is more important than where we came from.

We can bring this thought into life and business very easily.  How often do you wonder why you did or did not do something …. how often do we ask our kids or employees this question, when it is much more important to work with what we have and try to improve on it.

Every problem or mistake is just a place to begin figuring out how to bring value to the situation.  Whether it be teaching your children, knowing what does not work and trying something new, or just thinking of a new way to do a common task.

What can you do today to use your brain to fix a ‘mess’ you see in your world or business?


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