Etsy Wholesale Platform Closing

Etsy is closing their Wholesale platform effect July 31, 2018!  Kruti Patel Goyal, the General Manager of Seller Services at Etsy, says the platform will remain active through the end of June.  After that, it will no longer accept wholesale orders.

The details of the changes in their program are listed on their website and in the video below.

When Etsy Wholesale first announced their coming launched in late 2012, I contacted them to wholesale my and/or my Idaho Gifts Wholesale producers.  Since the program was new, I was not sure what to expect.

I received a few different and confusing responses that I posted in the following two articles:

Despite the humorous inconsistent responses I received from them, I assumed they ironed out the bugs in their system.  But, personally, I was no longer interested in dealing with them!!

It has always been my advice that, even if you have a store on Etsy, you should also have your own website.  I detail that in the following article:

If you had an Etsy Wholesale shop, please share your story with us.  And, by all means, set up your own wholesale website (or add wholesale to your current website) and see how to contact your buyers and potential Etsy buyers to refer them to your new site!

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