Three Reasons Why Buyers Don’t Buy

Buyers have many reasons why they don’t buy your products.  Sometimes, you just contacted them on a bad day or a bad moment in that day.

According to professional salespeople, three main mistakes can be easily avoided when dealing with buyers.  Andy Preston, a writer for the Sales Gravy website, lists the following avoidable mistakes in his article:

  • Sales Mistake Number 1 – Poor First Impression
  • Sales Mistake Number 2 – Not Taking A Genuine Interest
  • Sales Mistake Number 3 – Poor Last Impression

Sounds pretty simple, yet how can you avoid these mistakes.

Avoiding Mistake #1:  Take an interest in the store when you visit them.  Ask them about their store, about their customers, or about items they may be looking for.

If you are talking on the phone or sending an email,  let them know that you did your homework before the contact by commenting on why you decided to call them.  One way to do open your sales conversation is by saying:  “I was looking at your website and I see you carry ABC Company’s product.  That is a wonderful line.  You know, in most stores that sell this line also sell my XYZ products successfully.”

Avoiding Mistake #2:  Direct your concerns for the buyer by making sure you chose a good time to visit or call them.  Respect their busy schedule and remember that their customers are more important than you!

It was not uncommon, while I was road repping, that I would make an appointment only to find that the buyer’s time was limited because of some last minute changes in schedule etc.

One time in particular, I was visiting a candy shop when her ice cream supplier showed up, unexpectedly, with several gallons of ice cream that needed to be put away immediately.  When I saw the dilemma, I immediately offered to help her put the ice cream in the freezer.  Fifteen minutes later, she was rested, relieved and willing to buy from me.

Avoid Mistake #3:  Making a good last impression is just as important as making a good first impression.  What you do after you take the order is critical in obtaining re-orders.

Checking in with the buyer a week or so after you ship their order to check to make sure the order happily arrived in good condition.  And, believe it or not, it often prompts the buyer to get the products on the shelf quicker!  But mostly, it shows that you care about your buyer and their store!

A little common courtesy can go a long way in dealing with buyers before and after they purchase your products!




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