Inspirational Quote from Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Business tip from …Inspirational Quote from Cheryl Richardson
Cheryl Richardson

Cheryl Richardson was voted one of the top ten personal coaches in America in 1997 by readers of Professional Coach magazine. She is the author of several  New York Times bestselling books. She was also the first president of the International Coach Federation. Her work has been covered widely in the media including Good Morning America, The Today Show, CBS This Morning, New York Times, USA Today, Good Housekeeping, and O Magazine. She was the team leader for the Lifestyle Makeover Series on the Oprah Winfrey Show and she accompanied Ms. Winfrey on the “Live Your Best Life” nationwide tour.

“You have deep within you the power to fulfill your highest vision of your life. To engage this power you must develop a solid personal relationship with yourself. By doing so, you’ll tap into a wealth of inner strength that will allow you to take the necessary actions that build confidence and self-esteem. When you learn to stop hiding your power and use fear to your advantage, you’ll become less attached to what others want for you and more attached to what you want for yourself. As this shift occurs, you’ll naturally begin to lead a more authentic and passionate life.”

WOW!  Have you felt this kind of power within you?  Did you even entertain the thought that you possessed this kind of power?

We are so busy selling ourselves short on life, that we don’t take the time to develop the solid personal relationship that Cheryl talks about.

Especially if we are women, we tend to hide our power.  But we have to stop playing small and allow ourselves to be who we are.

Stop fearing what others think about you and start embracing who you truly are!

I want to close this section by Cheryl’s words of wisdom on thinking good thoughts:

“When we think good thoughts, we feel good. When we feel good, we make good choices. When we feel good and make good choices, we draw more good experiences into our lives. It really is that simple … and elegant … and true.”


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