Last Minute Website Tweaks

I was gone most of last week taking care of my daughter and her 5-year-old son after my daughter underwent a minor surgery.  One thing I noticed very quickly is how much energy a 5-year-old has pent up, just waiting to get out!

I wish I could capture all his energy and use it for myself.  His show of energy reminded me of all the things I knew needed my focus as soon as I got back home.  Busy, busy, busy getting the last of our holiday products in stock and on the website.

Over 2/3 of our Tastes of Idaho sales happen between now and the end of the year.  We frequently get additional ‘corporate orders’ which consists of large amounts of products and/or baskets sent out for customer and employee gifts.  Counting all of the orders, phone, website, and corporate, we are usually too busy to do focus on anything else!

So about now, I need to make sure that everything is accurately lined out on the website BEFORE the big rush hits!

Last Minute Website Tweaks

In order to make sure all of my last minute website tweaks are taken care of, I formulated this quick checklist:

  1.  Check all of my products (192 of them this year), making sure those items that are in stock are listed as available and those that are not (didn’t make the sales last season) are removed or hidden.
  2. Update any price increases since the last time I ordered the product (we typically take the wholesale price per item, add a pro-rated shipping amount and double it — rounding to an acceptable retail price)
  3. We track inventory, so I update all the inventory amounts to make sure they reflect what you currently have in stock.
  4. Check all the photos to make sure the product is clearly represented.
  5. Rework any verbiage — especially on the home page and terms pages — for accuracy and ease.  (I don’t want your customers to be confused)
  6. Check shipping rates and update where necessary.
  7. Check all supplies needed such as shipping boxes, tape, bubble wrap and/or peanuts, labels (if needed), and organized these in a streamline fashion (think assembly line).

By this time, your marketing plan should be in place and new product emails are sent to your customers/subscribers at least once a week.  And if you are featuring a Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale, make sure you announce it and repeated the announcement several times.

Anything else?  Did I forget anything?





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