Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Malcolm and I are empty-nesters — with our kids being gone or celebrating Thanksgiving elsewhere. Rather than eating alone, we typically attend our town’s community dinner on Thanksgiving.  Of course, we miss being with family, but it is nice to catch up with the friends we see at the community dinner.

This year we sat with the new library director who is busy with an expansion program for the library.  They currently have the new extension’s outside frame built and are waiting for the funding to finish the inside.  I find this project particularly interesting as they tore down a house I lived in between my marriages in order to build the extension!

Thankfully, Thanksgiving is early this year, giving us an extra long holiday selling season.  With the official start as the infamous Black Friday, the season is over 30 days long!  We have found that the longer the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the more sales we make!  Go figure!!

And of course, this is time to finish off the last of our re-organization of our products, gift supplies, and shipping materials as the biggest sales season of the year begins.

Today (Friday), is a good day to check and double check your inventory and supplies to make sure everything is ready to go!  Since so many people are at the Black Friday sales at the various retail outlets, online sales are typically slow until Saturday or even the following week.

Enjoy your weekend!  From this moment forward, we might all be too busy to think of anything other than filling orders!!








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