Reflecting on the Old; Thinking about the New

Christmas is almost here.  Online sales are slowing down, Christmas plans are underway, and there is time to think and reflect.

I tend to feel rather nostalgic this time of the year.  Once sales slow down and the holiday sale season is nearly over, my mind immediately goes into a Reflecting on the Old; Thinking about the Newcontemplative/meditative mode — wondering what I should plan for the coming year!

But first, our Christmas season resulted in lots of sales.  We came within a few hundred dollars of reaching our goal, so I consider that to be a success!

I look around the house and I see signs of the season:  colored shred on the floor; bubble wrap and peanuts mixed in here and there with the shred; a pile of presents stuffed in the corner to make room for the building, packing and shipping of orders.  Kids and grandkids will be over for Christmas, so cleaning the house is first on my to-do list.

After the Christmas, I typically dive right into the bookkeeping (who has time to do that during December?) and the taxes.  But all the time, I am thinking and reflecting:

  • What worked in 2018 that we want to do again?
  • What did not work that we need to change or delete?
  • What do I really want to accomplish in the new year?
  • What am I letting hold me back from ‘stretching my wings’?
  • What projects look most promising to increase cash flow?

And, most importantly:  What is feeding my soul?

In the quiet days after Christmas and into the New Year, I’ll spend some quality time planning out some new projects.  I’ll be looking over the stats on my blog to see what articles were enjoyed the most.  But I am also interested in your input.

  • What pain points are you facing in moving forward in your business?
  • What burning industry questions are puzzling you?
  • What areas do you need an extra boost in order to get a product/project off the ground?
  • What can I do to support you and your business in 2019?

Post in the comments here, on my Selling to Retailers Facebook group, or reply to this email.  I promise I will take each suggestion seriously!

In the meantime, have a wonderfully Merry Christmas!





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