Starting 2019 with a New Website

If you have made a decision to set up your own website, January is the perfect time start this project.  And I can help!

Even if you have a successful business on Etsy, Ebay or Amazon (or another marketplace platform), you still need to build your own website!

If you follow my blog and/or articles, you have probably heard this before!!

Malcolm and I set up our wholesale and retail websites back in 2004 — before the explosion of Etsy-style marketplaces.  I admit, I watched and wondered …. and saw may people become successful using this type platform.  But, on the other hand, I also heard the horror stories from folks who lost their site and could do nothing about it!  (Check out my article:  Etsy Shop or Your Own Website).

Over the years, more and more experts are suggesting selling on both platforms, rather than the either-or mindset.

Need reasons to set up your own personal website?

  • A website is a more powerful extension of your products and brand
  • Customers and retail buyers (especially) will take you more seriously
  • You can have a blog with regular subscribers
  • You can capture customer emails with proper opt-ins
  • You have COMPLETE control over everything. No one can change your website, in any maaner,  without your permission.
  • Oh, also, you no longer need to pay the extra Etsy, Ebay or Amazon fees anymore! Of course, building a website does cost you some money, but in the long run you’ll be saving time money and aggravation.

Why not start your new website now?

Starting 2019 with a New Website: 3D CartSetting up your own website is not too difficult — even if you have limited knowledge with technology.

Personally, we tried a few ecommerce platforms and hated most of them!!  That was until we found 3DCart!

Currently, we manage two sites on this platform:  One for a wholesale vendor and one for our own business, Tastes of Idaho:

Starting 2019 with a New Website: Tastes of Idaho

If you don’t have a website, the most important thing is  to get started as soon as possible.  No sense in losing any more online orders!

NOTE:  If you are interested in my review of 3DCart, you can check it out here: Amazing E-Commerce Shopping Cart Software.



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