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A couple weeks ago, I published an article: Starting 2019 with a New Website.  As a follow up to the article, I would like to share a checklist from Artsy Shark (by guest blogger Sandi Dettman) on important website updates once you complete your website:

Three Important Website UpdatesImportant Website Updates

1. Update your copyright.

You put time and energy into posting images of your art and updating content. Unfortunately, many artists don’t pay much attention to that little copyright notice at the bottom of their site. An updated copyright notice not only helps protect your content and design rights. It also tells potential collectors that your site is up to date and that someone is minding the store, so to speak….

2. Make sure your site is secure with an SSL Certificate.

If you don’t know what an SSL Certificate is, as of July 2018, you need to. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. An SSL certificate, once installed on your website’s server, activates a secure connection between a potential client’s browser (either on their phone, tablet or PC) and your website. SSLs are standard in all e-commerce, banking and other business websites….

Well, there are still many reasons to secure your website. SSLs help establish trust. Do you collect email addresses? Do potential clients contact you through your site? They expect you to protect their privacy and security, and an SSL connection does just that.  Also, as of July 2018, Google Chrome prominently alerts users when a website is not secure…

3. Update Your Site Content.

Nothing says “unprofessional” like a list of outdated shows, workshops or events. Even if you don’t have the latest greatest website design and a super current blog, your available works, bio and list of shows should be up to date. Sold works should be marked as sold. Gallery representation should be current. Upcoming events should be in the future. If a potential collector is visiting your site and sees you will be showing at an event in 2016, they will wonder just how up to date your work is and how serious you really are as an artist…

Read the full article here which includes “how to fix” options


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