Discover Wholesaling Secrets

that will turn 35 categories of
gift & independent retailers
into eager wholesale accounts calling & emailing you re-orders, all year long?

Finally, shockingly simple, fool-proof tactics on making good money by selling to retailers!

…from a successful ‘gift sales rep’ veteran!

Whether you make or distribute (or import) specialty foods,
candles, jewelry, handmade soap, crafts, confections, dolls,
postcards, greeting cards, knick-knacks, pottery – ceramics,
woodcrafts, stuffed animals, t-shirts, souvenirs, housewares,
or even publish regional or “gift appropriate” book titles…
I will take the mystery out of selling to gift retailers!
(And help grow your business to an ENTIRELY new level
…no matter where you live!)

Ever walked into a retail store with your prized wares – the ones you designed and/or created from concept to production – cradled in your arms? All the while hoping the store buyer will feel as excited about your line as you do?

As you walk in, you envision a happy, excited customer ordering several cases, and promising to merchandise your products prominently near the cash register, since (of course) your goodies “are just what I was looking for!”.

Retailers are NOT always friendly
to giftware manufacturers!

Well, your little fantasy scenario CAN happen (and you should hold that vision!). But the more likely scenario is – you will get politely (or not so politely) told “NO! Not interested, thank you for stopping by!,” about 10 seconds into your conversation – with some vague excuse as to why. Then you watch their southern exposure as you walk back through the front door, with your virtual tail between your legs.

Not only can this experience be humiliating, but the perception of failure, and painful rejection may dampen your enthusiasm for the entire business, or at least selling wholesale.

Success at retail shows does not
automatically translate to wholesaling!

Maybe, like me, you’ve exhibited at craft shows, fairs, or other events with a booth where people ooohed and aaahed over your specialty or gourmet food, greeting card line, soap, candles, jewelry, or pottery — and even came back for more! And many friends and customers suggested you start selling to retail gift shops (or other stores), and really get your products “out there!”.

“These are really great. You have a winner!”, they assure you, with supportive confidence. “You should sell to gift shops!”

Without training, initial success selling to gift shops
might mask mistakes… that you may pay for later !!

So you finally do it… walk into a store, all excited, but nervous. Maybe even wobbly legs. And get rejected. Or even worse (although you may not think so at the time), they agree to take your products “on consignment”.

And if you don’t know what you’re doing, you might quote a wholesale price TOO LOW, and are now stuck working very hard, for little money. Or just as bad, you OVER-priced – and either never got any orders at all…or even if you did, no re-orders. (PS Success is in the re-orders!)

Plus, there’s the risk you might never get paid, since retailers typically expect “Net 30” or similar terms (so you must wait for a check). And if they sense you are a newbie, and you don’t get a signature… you might be TOAST!! Do you know what steps to take, to protect yourself?

Well, you simply don’t need to operate in an information void! Let me get you started in the right direction, so you can walk into a gift shop with complete confidence, and know what to say, what to offer, and increase your odds of success exponentially!

And …. I am also offering you EIGHT
valuable wholesaling mini-bonuses!

More information about ‘The Complete E-Guide for Selling to Gift Shops (and Independent Retailers)’
— including a complete list of bonuses






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