5 Tips for Better Sales Presentations

Most producers I’ve worked with see selling as their biggest challenge.  Makes sense as their focus tends to be on the craft and product design.

When challenged in this area, seek the advice of a professional. One of my favorites is the Sales Gravy folks!

Below are a few tips from Julie Hansen’s article:  5 Reasons Why Buyers Don’t Give A Dam

5 Reasons why buyers don’t care:

  1. Your opening sucks.5 Tips for Better Sales Presentations…Those first few seconds are critical; they set the tone for your entire presentation and are best not left to chance… Settle on a buyer-focused opening and practice it until it is second nature. If you rehearse nothing else in your presentation, rehearse your opening. I promise, it’s not cheating to know what’s going to come out of your mouth.
  2. You’re a sales cloneYour buyer has a problem. You have a solution. So why aren’t they embracing you with open arms? Odds are you are not the only solution in town….Buyers get overwhelmed and confused with the many moving parts and players. Make sure you are presenting your solution in a way that differentiates you quickly from your competitors – or be prepared to compete on a feature/function or price. And that is anybody’s game.
  3. You don’t cut to the chase.You know all that stuff you say before you get to your value proposition? Cut it in half. And then half again. Too much prologue is the wrong tactic with today’s busy decision-makers.Sure, give your value proposition some context, but get to the point quickly. … “Buyers don’t care who you are until they know what you can do for them.” So tell them. Fast.
  4. You’re boring.Ouch….. I mean you as a salesperson presenting your solution. …So you and all the other sales birds are flying in the same flock. Well, it shouldn’t shock you to hear that you can’t do what everybody else does and expect to stand out. Unless you’re wearing really cool shoes…OK, not even then.
  5. You’re unprepared.“Not true!” I hear you protest. “I know my product. I’ve researched my prospect and their industry. I’ve practiced my presentation.” Yes, that’s all very important.And it’s also nothing your competition isn’t doing as well. What about preparing the vehicle that is delivering your presentation: your voice and your physicality?According to research these factors significantly influence how your audience listens to you. If you want your buyer to listen with rapt attention and an open mind, invest a few minutes warming up before your presentation.

Sales do not need to be intimidating (if it is, I highly suggest you seriously consider hiring a sales rep!).




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