Change is always challenging for me.  But, as I get older, I realize that my attitude has more to do with whether change is hard or not.  If I decide it is a good thing, I go with the flow.  Although life may be confusing for a time, it turns out really good!  When I dig in my heels and decide it is going to be hard, it is exactly that!

So… where am I going with this?Change

My husband, Malcolm and I, just recently sold and turned over our retail business, Tastes of Idaho, and my wholesale business, Idaho Gifts Wholesale, to a group of younger new owners.

I began sales repping on the road in 2000. Years later, we went online, and I started the website. Tastes of Idaho was birthed in 2002, with a very successful holiday store at the Palouse Mall in Moscow. That was 17 years ago. We went online with the website in 2004, enjoying nearly 15 years and Christmas selling seasons with many loyal vendors and customers.

However, Malcolm and I are in our 60s, and after 19 and 17 years in this business, we tearfully said goodbye.

We will continue to offer products from our four brands of specialty foods and personal care products, so we are still connected to the business, just on a smaller scale.

These brands include Idaho Redneck, BackCountry Redneck, Backwoods Babe, and Gold Mountain Gourmet.

What now…

With this change, a bunch of my time will be opened up to do more of what I love: Teaching, consulting and coaching.  After 19 years, Malcolm and I accumulated a wealth of information on retail/wholesale as well as creating gourmet foods.

Part of this change opened up a wonderful physical space that I am claiming as my office!  Now, all my materials, books, files and computer will all be in one convenient area!  But there is lots of work left to do before that happens!

Although I will miss working one-on-one with consumers, I can channel that energy into helping you!  And after nearly 2 decades of Christmas buying and order fulfillment, we might actually celebrate the holidays in a new and exciting way.  (Not exactly sure how I will adjust to Christmas without e-commerce, but I am sure I will be just fine!)

If, over the years, you were a part of either of our retail or wholesale ventures, thanks for making the past 19 years some of the most interesting and rewarding in our lives.

Now, on to a bigger and better vision for us!!







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