Getting Buyers to Open Your Emails

With the holiday selling season upon us, getting buyers to open your emails becomes critical to successful 4th quarter sales.

Make that first impression as attention-grabbing as possible.  One of the ways to do this is to create a subject line that will cause your buyers to open the email and check out your fun products.

AWeber, one of the email providers I use, offers the following tips on writing email subject lines, as well as tips to improve them and boost your open rates.

The 5 Most Common Subject Line Mistakes to AvoidGetting Buyers to Open Your Emails

1. Using ALL CAPS or too much punctuation(!!)

Imagine receiving an email with a subject line like this in your inbox: GET 40% OFF YOUR NEXT PURCHASE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chances are you would take one of three actions: ignore it, delete it, or mark it as spam.


2. Using Spammy Words

Adding certain trigger words to your subject line can activate a recipient’s spam filter, even if the message you’re sending is legitimate.

To prevent this from happening, Mequoda recommends avoiding certain words, phrases, and symbols like “$$$,” “100% free,” “cash off,” “cheap,” “weight loss,” and “serious cash”. Even if your email makes it into the inbox, it can come across as spammy to your subscribers…

3. Making It Too Long

Consider the environment in which your subscribers are reading your emails. Chances are, they’re on-the-go or quickly scanning their inboxes between work meetings.

Since you have only seconds to capture their attention, you want to make sure your subject lines aren’t wordy or redundant.

Long subject lines look spammy and get lost in cluttered inboxes, especially if readers are using mobile devices…

4. Writing misleading content

Let’s say you send an email with the following subject: Get an exclusive 50% discount on our entire inventory!

But when the reader opens the email, it’s a pitch to sign up for a webinar or free online class.

Not only is this tactic dishonest, it also tends to backfire. …

To build and maintain trust between you and your subscriber, make sure to align the content of your email and your subject line…

5. Including spelling or grammar errors

Subject lines (or any other content in your email) with typos, misspelled words, and misplaced punctuation look unprofessional and can hurt your open rates.

Emails are an opportunity to establish your brand as a helpful source of information. Subject lines with spelling or syntax errors make a bad first impression, and undermine your ability to establish trust with your subscribers…

Read the entire article to read the best way to deal with these mistakes

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