Best Holiday Sales Tips

Just some extra tips, from past articles, to help you prepare for the upcoming sales Best Holiday Sales Tipsseason.

I must admit, after selling our Tastes of Idaho business earlier this year, I am feeling a bit nostalgic over the loss of holiday planning.  You know, the excitement around figuring out the products and supplies to order for the upcoming season.  Then, the rush getting the orders placed, and waiting for all the packages of supplies and/or products to arrive…  This time of the year (Fall) is almost like Christmas for us in the wholesale/retail business.  To top it off, we just received our Nashville Wraps catalog! *sigh*

For the rest of you, hopefully, these articles will motivate you to get going with what needs to be done before it gets too late in the season!  In the meantime, I will need to get accustomed to more free time to work on other projects this fall and winter!

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