Writing Effective Emails

Writing good and effective emails are a challenge to me as well as others.  What can you write to convince a buyer to place an order for your products?

According to Clare from Indie Retail Academy (yes, I really like what Clare shares with her readers!), you should write like you talk!Writing Effective Emails

Really!  Not sure I agree with that.

But I do agree with making your emails more friendly and useful.

Personally, I’ve spent too many years writing ‘professional’ emails, articles and blog posts.  Boring, boring, boring!

And starting your emails with a strong salesy tone is also a no-no!  Buyers are not interested in being pitched by a ‘fast-talking’ salesman and are turned off by emails like that. (Do you like to be sold in this manner?  I think not!).

I did well as a traveling sales rep because I learned to read my customers and ask the right questions.  Transferring that skill to writing isn’t so easy.

So what is a happy medium?  How about starting your email like you are having a face to face conversation? Interjecting your personality in your emails makes your emails more interesting and easy to read.

Here are a couple of ways to make your emails more effective and personable:

  • Introduce yourself and give a short explanation on why you developed your company (For first-time emails to a buyer.  Not something you want to continue to repeat)
  • Talk about why you think your products will sell in their store (make sure you do your research on the retail outlet, so this part of your email is personal and relevant).  Maybe include some simple statistics on how this product sold in other stores like theirs
  • Share an interesting story about your product or company
  • Be helpful!  Let the buyers know that you are working to help increase their sales
  • Offer some product options thus making an order decision easier
  • Forward some important information about your product or industry
  • Send and repeat … using a new angle and/or product!

Would you like to share some tips on what has worked for you?

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