Ways to Increase Your Average Order Size

Instead of spending money to attract new customers to your website for the holidays, have you considered focusing on increasing your average order size?

Adds-on or upsells to potential orders are great ways to increase order size, but not all ecommerce software offers this special feature.  Thankfully, there are other methods for increasing order size.

I read an article recently by Robin Higgins from Abound that listed 22 ways to increase average order size. The original article is focused on brick-n-mortar stores, but there are a few good ideas that translate to the online stores.

Here are my favorites ways to increase average order sizeWays to Increase Your Average Order Size

  1. Label Your Best Sellers.  The 3DCart template I use features a widget to display best sellers on your website.  If your template does not, I suggest you create a page or widget to show your best sellers.
  2. Have An Easy Return and Guarantee Policy.  If consumers are hesitant to buy, a good guarantee or return policy may clinch the deal for you. Add your policy to your website and your check-out page, if possible.
  3. Offer A Discount If Customers Spend A Certain Amount.  For an online business, the obvious way to implement this option is to extend free shipping on orders over $XX.  When we ran our website, we often threw in a free small gift on high volume orders.
  4. Reward Your Loyal Customers.  This is a great way to honor your repeat buyers.  Gifts could include a discount coupon or free shipping on their next order.  Or you can add them to a special club where you email them pre-launch offers on your newest products and/or at a discount.
  5. Bundle Relevant Items.  It is fairly simple to create special bags, boxes or baskets for holiday shoppers.  Gem Berry’s website (which I manage) offers special gift boxes of two to four items.  These gifts boxes sell like crazy during the holidays. You can also create special bagged items — which can be less expensive and lighter to ship.
  6. Have Limited Time Offers.  You can offer a special limited sale on certain items throughout the season.  Or conduct a pre-sale on new items. Lots of different options on limited sales!

These are just a few of the many ways you can increase the average order size on your website.  For more ideas, check out the original article!

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