Inspirational Thought from Howard Graham Buffett

Howard Graham Buffett (born December 16, 1954) is an American businessman, former Inspirational Thought from Howard Graham Buffettpolitician, philanthropist, photographer, farmer, and conservationist. He is the middle child of billionaire investor Warren Buffett. He is named after Howard Buffett, his grandfather, and Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett’s favorite professor.

“Each of us has about 40 chances to accomplish our goals in life. I learned this first through agriculture, because all farmers can expect to have about 40 growing seasons, giving them just 40 chances to improve on every harvest.”

Howard Graham Buffett, son of one of the wealthiest people in the world, Warren Buffett, says we have 40 chances to accomplish something great in life.

40 Chances by Howard Graham BuffettToo many of us (including myself) just give up after two or three times — with no incentive to move forward.

But how about if you thought you could success after 19 tries or 29 tries — or even after 39 tries?  Would it give you the strength to move forward toward your goals?

Think of all the exposure Howard Buffett received under the wings of his father.  Then, all the lessons he learned through his farming.  His words give me strength and incentive to move forward toward my goals.

How about you?

I would like to share one final quote about hope and action:

“Approaching life through ’40 Chances’ gives reasons to hope and actions to take, and it offers fresh approaches that our world desperately needs.”

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