Workshop: Discover the Powerful Process of Setting Intentions

Discover the Powerful Process of Setting Intentions (not resolutions) for Your Business

Announcing my FREE workshop which teaches Intention Setting Methods, used by successful people, to create workable goals/resolutions for your business …  Even if resolutions have not worked for you in the past!

Did you know that despite all our resolutions or goal setting, statically, about 80 percent of resolutions fail, and most people abandon their resolve by mid-February?

Setting goals and making resolutions is a time-held tradition for most people. The New Year has begun, and you are excited about moving ahead in your business. You have goals you want to reach in 2020. Maybe you wish to create more income, hire more people or just grow your business.

But, why, if you are so excited about moving ahead with your dreams and plan, do most resolutions and goals fail by mid-February?

  • They’re unspecific, worded too negatively, or not relevant enough
  • They’re unrealistic so many people don’t follow through
  • They’re based on wishful thinking and willpower, not systems

Next thing you know, you start feeling overwhelmed and discouraged and abandon your aspirations!

Actually, the failure is not you — the problem is in the system behind the tradition itself.

Instead of making resolutions or goals, how about setting intentions?

Announcing the Creative Entrepreneurs Intentions Workshop

Intentions are a mental state that represents a commitment that involves mental activities such as planning and forethought. Unlike goals or resolutions which happen in the future, intentions focus on the present which raises your emotional energy to act on creating a perfect life for you and your business.

Over the years of studying personal development gurus, coaches, and spiritual leaders, I have developed a systematic approach to setting intentions that are successful for growing your business.

I truly believe that within each of us, is the inner wisdom to developing realistic intentions.  With the process I am going to guide you through in my workshop, we can ….

  • Access this inner wisdom to reveal the direction to go
  • Define our real needs based on our strengths and desires
  • Set some attainable written intentions and goals to follow throughout the year
  • Create a concise workable system

Although I created and focused this process for entrepreneurs, I base it on proven results from gurus who have also developed their own successful systems within their niche.

The Zoom-based meeting is an interactive workshop that devotes time to dig deep into your inner wisdom.   Following along with the workbook (free for everyone who signs up) along with the guidance supplied during the workshop, you can create your own personal business plan.  Time will be dedicated during the presentation for questions, sharing, and feedback.

If you are unfamiliar with Zoom, check out my FAQ on Zoom

And at the end of the workshop, I will announce a special offer for those who want and need further help with implementing the process in their product-based business.

Others charge $150 or more for a similar workshop.  But because it is my desire to help you succeed, I am offering it for free – just show up with your printed workbook!

SPECIAL NOTE:  Even though the workshop is over, you can book a private Intention Setting Session where I can help you access your inner wisdom to formulate your goals for your business:  Creative Entrepreneurs Intention Setting Session

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