Discover the 1-on-1 Intention Setting Program

The Creative Entrepreneurs Intentions Workshop was such a success that attendees are asking if this process is offered as a 1-on-1 session. So …..

Announcing the 1-on-1 Intention Setting Coaching Program which teaches Intention Setting Methods, used by successful people, to create workable goals for your business.

Whether you run an existing business or are looking to start one, this program can help you fine-tune your intentions and goals.

Over the years of studying personal development gurus, coaches, and spiritual leaders (along with my experience in the wholesale/retail industry), I have developed a systematic approach to setting intentions that are successful for growing your business.

I truly believe that within each of us, is the inner wisdom to developing realistic intentions.  With the process I am going to guide you through, we can ….

  • Find your true purpose and direction for you and your business
  • Access this inner wisdom to reveal the direction to go
  • Define our real needs based on our strengths and desires
  • Set some attainable written intentions and goals to follow throughout the year
  • Create a concise workable system

Although I created and focused this process for entrepreneurs, I base it on proven results from gurus who have also developed their successful systems within their niche.

In this package, you’ll have access to more resources to help you succeed!

  1. A  1-on-1 guided session through the three sections of accessing your inner Discover the 1-on-1 Intention Setting Programwisdom, developing your Being, Doing and Having desires, and mapping out your goals. ($100 value)
  2. Creative Entrepreneurs Intentions 21-page Workbook, to use during the session ($10 value)
  3. Personal workable plans and goals to help you through your business or business project. (Unlimited value)

Here is what one of the attendees of the original workshop says:

Sandy’s intention-setting (workshop) helped me remember and re-engage with who I am, which is what drives my work, whether creating products or intellectual property. There are not enough things that do that for us in daily life.

Listening to her ask the questions that matter with clarity and that loving heart which comes through in everything she does, snapped me right back into what matters and cleared away the ‘doubt fog’ that can creep in.

I am telling friends about her, and her caring, down-to-earth and informed style that I appreciate so much.

~ Lilli

And Lilli’s conclusion is based on just the process — not the extra 1-on-1 coaching you will be receiving when you purchase this program.

As an introductory offer, I am extending a 20% off coupon — effective until February 7th.

Here are the details:

Or you can go directly to the shopping cart.  Remember to enter the coupon code:  Intentions.

Although the program is available anytime, don’t miss out on the special 20% off pricing available through February 7th.


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