Tips for Effective Email Marketing

Effective email marketing is a learned skill that anyone can master.  Pitching your products through an email marketing campaign is a bit more challenging than pitching in person, but it can be done.

Carolyn Edlund of Artsy Shark lists some good tips in her article:  How Artist Can Create Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

Sales Pitch EmailsTips for Effective Email Marketing

You’ve grown your list, and been in touch on a regular basis. Now you’re ready to sell. … When writing the pitch, keep your message concise and use a straightforward Call to Action (a button is perfect for this type of email!) Consider including:

An offer of some type of savings, such as free shipping, or a discount …

A sense of urgency. … Give them a “preview” and the first chance to make a purchase before you go public with your offering. This validates their choice to become one of your subscribers.

Time-sensitivity. When your special offering is for a limited time, they must take action. Using a coupon code with an expiration date is an effective way to do this. Place a link right next to the coupon that leads directly to the page where they can view work for sale …

A focus on the benefits. The recipients of your emails signed up as “VIP” members of your audience who get first dibs, special consideration and insider offers. If you have a very special piece for sale, you might even create a special “private” landing page on your site for previews.

I find that the above tips work both for direct sales to consumers as well as sales to retail buyers.  Of course, when dealing with retail buyers, I suggest you make your pitch more concise.  Buyers are busy people who typically want the facts without all the flowery language. And if you have sold to your buyers previously, they are familiar with you and your line.  Just make it as easy as possible to say yes!

Consumers, on the other hand, may want more information about your company and products to make their decision.  They may not know you or your company, so having that information on hand as either a link in your email or on your website can be helpful.

Read Artsy Shark’s full article

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