Inspirational Words from Lloyd Dorfman

Sir Lloyd Marshall Dorfman CBE (born 25 August 1952) is a BritishInspirational Words from Lloyd Dorfman
entrepreneur and philanthropist. Having founded Travelex (today part of Finablr) the world’s largest retailer of foreign exchange, Dorfman was appointed CBE in 2008 in the Queen’s Birthday Honours for services to business and charity. He was knighted in the 2018 Birthday Honours List. According to The Sunday Times Rich List in 2019, Dorfman is worth £720 million.

“If you are going to think the same as everyone else and do the same as everyone else, you will end up being the same as everyone else. In today’s competitive environment you have to think a bit differently.”

The marketplace is flooded with mediocre products and ideas.  Of course, some of them have a small amount of success.  But to truly succeed, Lloyd Dorfman says you have to think a bit differently.

What can you do to make your product stand out?  Uniqueness and creativity!  Depending on your product, this can mean many different things.  But this all starts out by NOT copying what you see in the marketplace.

Take time to allow your creative juices to flow.  It is a good idea to see what your competition is offering to get a feel for what others are doing.  But if you don’t make your product a bit different, how do you expect to excel?

I suggest you think this through when creating new products for your line.  Don’t be afraid to be different or to be bold!  It might be the very thing that makes you successful!

I would like to share one final quote from  Lloyd Dorfman — which shows how he is different!

“If you’ve been fortunate enough to have some success in business, I think it’s important to put something back.”

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