Inspirational Words from Clara Shih

Clara Chung-wai Shih (born January 11, 1982) is an American businesswoman. Born in Hong Kong, Shih and her family emigrated Inspirational Words from Clara Shihto Arlington Heights, Illinois when she was 4. Shih majored in economics and computer science; she graduated with honors with a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in computer science from Stanford in 2005. She was an intern at Microsoft.  Currently, she is the CEO and co-founder of Hearsay Social.

“As entrepreneurs, we must constantly dream and have the conviction and obsession to transform our dreams into reality – to create a future that never existed before.”

Being a creative entrepreneur requires a certain amount of ‘dreaming.’  But we also must transform our dreams into our reality.
Clara Shih describes it perfectly:  “Create a future that never existed before.”
Have you ever thought about that when dreaming up or creating a new product?  Don’t let anyone kid you! Your newest product or product line can affect your future and/or the future of the world!
We each have an amazing ability to create — whether it be a painting, poem, photo, product or anything else … we are meant to create!  Just think what our world would be like without Shakespeare, Beethoven or Van Gough or one of the other famous creatives of the world.  I doubt they ever thought about how their art impacted their world.  Yet their contributions have lasted far beyond their lifetimes.
Who knows?  What you create today and tomorrow may be the contribution that lasts a lifetime or more.  Don’t hold yourself back, living in doubt.  Go for it and see what happens!
I would like to share one final quote from Clara Shih — which shows her commitment to making a difference in her world:

“My entire life, I have viewed every problem as an opportunity – I’ve had no choice.”

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