Unlimited doctor visits for the whole family… just $29 a month?

Gift Rep Sandy here, with a CRITICAL way for you to improve your life… by cutting your most common (non-emergency) medical bills to a tiny fraction! All while getting more personal health care attention than you ever thought you could afford.

(PS My apologies, but you may only take advantage of this, if you live in the United States.)

After all, what is the point of a fun, successful business, if you can’t keep on top of your health?

Ever heard of “tele-medicine”?… A way to conveniently enjoy your most common doctor visits through a “Virtual Medical Office”?

Even if you currently enjoy great health insurance, there are co-pays and deductibles you are subject to, for even very minor office visits.

Not to mention potential savings on the travel and the wait.

And while waiting – and meeting in-person with your doctor – you are spending time where mostly sick people hang out, exposing you to a host of additional bugs, while your immune system is already overworked.

Not an issue with tele-medicine.

What if you could SEE (or at least talk to) a board-certified doctor every time you – or a family member – had a sniffle, a funny or scary symptom, or just needed a prescription refill?

For less than the cost of one nominal co-pay – you could get 1, 3, 5, 10, even 30 personal sessions with an MD, or a Pediatrician for your dependent child. Oh, and licensed therapists on staff too, for those down times by family members! (I could have used that during my first marriage, sigh.)

And YOU choose the specialist you need for your specific health needs, right online.

The deductible on ONE AFTER HOURS EMERGENCY VISIT a year, that you don’t have to make, should pay for an entire year of this service.

In the scenario I am proposing, this contact with your own physician or mental health professional is by phone, or via secure online video (internet webcam or video smartphone), using HIPAA-compliant security technology.

Best of all, open 24/7…you may use this service any time of day or night, from the comfort of your own home. While sitting in your PJs, right?

Or while traveling! Have you, a spouse, your child, or other traveling companion, ever gotten sick while on the road? And no meds. Nightmare, anyone?

And even more scary because it seems to always happen late on a Friday, when it’s very hard to get a hold of your regular doc, until Monday. So your two options are to hit the expensive emergency room of an unknown hospital or urgent care center, or a 2- or 3-day anxious wait (until your family physician returns to the office!).

Now, with just a quick phone call, you could get answers – and access to prescriptions if necessary – at your fingertips, from anywhere in the US.

How much is that peace of mind worth to you?

I tried for years to find a QUALITY, REASONABLE group health plan for business owners in our niche. I even considered starting an association (e.g. Gift & Gourmet Marketing Association) for product makers and marketers — just so we could get a good group policy going. (But… that is a story for another day.)

Fortunately, serendipity eventually comes into play – when you wish for something hard enough.

Just this past month – April 2016 – a brand new tele-medicine service (with an existing company) launched, and it seems too good to be true.

UNLIMITED CALLS TO YOUR CHOICE OF MD, PEDIATRICIAN, or THERAPIST for just $29 a month. (You read that correctly!)

(PS – Single account good for up to five members of your household… for over five, you would need a 2nd account.)

While this does not solve every health care issue (and is not a substitute for insurance to cover serious medical emergencies), it will – for most households – reduce total out-of-pocket medical bills.

For me and Malcolm, it’s worth 10 times the nominal cost.

No more driving 30 minutes for mediocre health care (or an hour-plus for slightly better health care), just to get an antibiotic prescription for a flu bug.

I remember when my kids were little, every time there was an earache, it was a 45-minute trip to see the doctor, an hour or more in the waiting room, and we left $45 lighter in the pocketbook. Just to get the prescription written – even when we already knew what kind of medicine we needed.

Here is another personal example of how valuable this opportunity can be… last September, my husband’s MD of 34 years retired. Malcolm’s one-year prescription of allopurinol for his gout came due in January. The pharmacy, of course, would not fill his prescription without a doctor OK. So even though Malcolm did not need to see a doctor, the closest clinic charged us over $200 for the new patient intake… just to get an $11 three-month prescription at Walmart, for a relatively benign drug he’s been on for 40 years.

If this new service had launched a couple months earlier, we could have gotten the refill by computer visit, and with the savings, paid for seven months (over half a year) of service. And had unlimited doctor (and therapist, hah!) virtual visits in the meantime, for no additional cost.

Every time you move to a new town, you are subject to this same inconvenience.

This month, I am just about to “enjoy” a similar situation with my expiring thyroid prescription, since I was using the same recently retired MD. First seven months on this service are essentially free for me, since I gpt the prescription by phone, they sent it directly to my pharmacy (with the click of an online button), and no suffering the $200+ “first visit” charges.

Finally, Youngevity TeleCare is here!


NOTE: when you open the website and click on ORDER NOW, the first input field in the lower left column asks for “ID# of who referred you*” – that person would be me, and the ID# to copy and paste – or type – into that spot is:


Sweet savings found at:  https://telecare.youngevity.com/

The average doctor at TeleCare enjoys at least 15 years of post-graduate experience – no getting pawned off on the newbie doctor fresh out of med school to use you or your family as guinea pigs, for his or her medical education.

Note that while this is a new tele-medicine service (offered by Youngevity, a 20-year-old, $200 million publicly-traded company), the underlying service is much more impressive.

The phones actually ring in to MDLive, a billion dollar company, offering virtual health care since 2009. However, MDLive charges $49 PER CALL! (Check it out if you don’t believe me: https://welcome.mdlive.com/)

This new service with MDLive, contracted by Youngevity, is just $29 per month for a limited time…but with unlimited virtual visits for up to five members of your household.

But if telemedicine for $49 a visit is a better deal for your situation (average only one non-emergency doctor session every two months), go for it. (https://welcome.mdlive.com/)

But I urge you to check out TELECARE – worth a trial, at the very least. And the more people you have in your home, the further your drive is from GOOD health care, the more you travel, the more prescriptions you take, the younger or older that people are in your household, the more household members, the more you enjoy peace of mind, or the higher your co-pays… the greater your benefit from this program.

Removing just ONE visit to the doctor, covers one to six months of these Telecare services, depending on your personal insurance situation. And TELECARE is never more than a phone call away. Day or night.

Click below to sign up now.

Again, please use — ID# 101433545 – where indicated, on the short online application.

==> ==> YOUNGEVITY TELECARE <== <==  

I hope you appreciate this service as much as I do.

And if this sounds good, but not a good fit for you, please share or forward this critical health opportunity to appropriate friends, family, employees, or affinity group members you care about. Anyone who might benefit from both the increased access to quality non-emergency health care, and the related savings.

PS This is a great small (or large) company medical perk, for one or 100 employees. Employee retention anyone?

TELECARE might be especially beneficial as a gift or referral for elderly parents or others who can’t or won’t go to the trouble of a doctor visit, but might pick up the phone to dialog with a friendly, supportive doctor.

ID# 101433545

==> YOUNGEVITY TELECARE  https://telecare.youngevity.com/ <==


Easy financing for your Business in five days or less

Gift Rep Sandy here with some interesting news — especially if you are ready for the next growth step in your company, but lack of funds is holding you back.

Are you one of the 4 in 10 businesses who could benefit from extra financing, today?

(If not, please forward my email to any business person you know, who might benefit!)

Think of things that will immediately help you grow your business:

  • Purchase (or lease) specialized equipment to reduce unit costs and expand production?
  • Upgrade or add office equipment via rent, lease, or purchase?
  • Expand your current facility (or buy one)?
  • Add another office location?
  • Increase inventory levels for increased sales, and fewer backorders?
    • (Or take on bigger clients?)
  • Roll out a marketing program, online or offline?
  • Develop new products? Or move into another market?
  • Hire a webmaster or service to upgrade and/or customize your website?
  • Add staff, including employees, contractors, or virtual assistants?
  • Use the funds for needs unique to your business?

I recently negotiated a relationship with David Allen Capital (DAC), a large Michigan-based, small business loan brokerage. And YOU can benefit from this happy arrangement.

I vetted this company thoroughly before deciding to represent them, and bring this to you. DAC works with 12 top lenders, responsible for over $10 BILLION in small business loans averaging $80,000, and ranging from $10K to $500K. (Do the math, that is about 125,000 businesses, in 700 industries…)

And they really don’t much care what you plan to use the money for. Lenders are mostly concerned with your cash flow.

No more potentially humiliating trips to an ominous bank and an overly friendly (or unfriendly) loan officer, where you pledge your first male-borne child, detail exactly how you are going to use the monies, and wait weeks (or months) for an answer.

My husband Malcolm and I both enjoyed contact with DAC owner David Rutz. He is an amazing, sincere, and engaging individual, who loves his crusade to make small business funding more accessible.

The application process is seamless, easy, FAST. And requires no collateral! All done from the comfort of your computer desk, and 100% can be done online. Pre-qualify in minutes.

I will outline the full (and easy) process in more detail shortly, but first the limitations:

You must be doing $100K in annual gross sales. Sorry if you are not there yet… but something to aspire to. (I’ve been there!!!)

Your business must be located in the US and/or Canada.

And (drumroll), since DAC offers programs for both excellent and poor credit, you only need a personal score of 500… pretty low. And of course, the higher your rating, the better the terms of your offer(s).

Anyway, things kinda go like this:

1.     Fill out the easy ONLINE pre-qualification form (less than 2 minutes)

2.     Someone from the DAC back office will contact you to see if you have questions, and help you fully understand the process. (PS Very nice folks.)

3.     They will email you a link to a simple 1-page application form and a request for a handful of simple documents, which are probably already in your file cabinet or via account links on your computer.

4.     Email back the form and attach the documents you pulled from your online accounts or scanned in from printed copies. (Note, snail mail works too, but really slows things down.)

5.     One business day later (two days if submitted late in the day) – and assuming you are approved – you will get one or more offers to consider. (80+% of applicants get at least one offer.)

6.     Once (and if) you decide to accept an offer, money will be in your bank in one to three business days. Note that you are NOT required to accept any offer. And you will completely understand the payment terms, prior to accepting.

You COULD have your financing in hand, within a week of RIGHT NOW. How would that change the prospect for your business in the near future?

So, what are you waiting for?

Below is the link to the one-page pre-qualification website, which provides more info, and the VERY BRIEF pre-app at the bottom. Then click SUBMIT.


Note that in the last two lines of the online form at the bottom of the page, you will be asked for the name of who referred to you, and his or her broker ID number.

Please use:

Sandy Dell


PS Copy and Paste recommended on the ID number! If the name and number don’t match, it will slow up your application process.

Click here now and get ready to grow your business!!

This is just too much fun! I could not wait to get this information to you.

I wish I’d had this opportunity about 2006 or 7, when we were growing exponentially with our food development company! We would have started our own processing kitchen. But then I would not be Gift Rep Sandy. Sigh! Every path is for a reason.

If you have any additional thoughts or questions, please email me at:


Let me know if you want to visit by phone. But seriously, most of what you need to know is on the website, and once you submit the form, a DAC home office representative will contact you, and give you better answers than I could. But I am here if you need me!

Here is the site, again:


PS I am also recruiting “bird dogs” and brokers to expand this program, helping even more small businesses. If interested in this kind of part-time opportunity, please email me!

Happy Profits!

Sandy Dell
‘Gift Rep Sandy’


Ready to Build a “Better” Business??

Want to turn your hobby into a full-time job?  Or, maybe you are established in your creative business endeavor, but want to take your enterprise to the next level?

Whether you are running a six figure business or dreaming up ideas in your basement, Maker Mentors will introduce you to the tools and experts you need to get where you want to be, during their two day, ONLINE, Build a Better Business Conference!

This Maker Mentors special event is happening April 20-21, with attendance from the comfort of your own home or office.  Relax with your favorite beverage, and note pad, while you discover your next steps from 12 experts, hosted via live video.

The sessions are designed to give you new ideas and strategies for exploding your business, regardless of your creative business specialty.

Build a Better Business Conference
Experts include:

  • Andreea Ayers with Launch Grow Joy, who opened her first product-based business selling inspirational T-shirts in 2007, and ended up with six-figure sales in just 18 months by leveraging free publicity in magazines and the media.
  • Cassie Boorn, founder of Maker Mentors – for the past 5 years – has operated as a writer and entrepreneur, managing online marketing programs for some of the world’s largest brands.
  • Ryan Robinson,  entrepreneur, writer, and content marketing consultant to the world’s top experts and startups, who works with New York Times bestselling authors Ramit Sethi, Tim Ferriss, Guy Kawasaki, and more
  • Kate Woodrow, who founded the literary agency “Present Perfect Department” specializing in development of nonfiction and art-driven gift books, while helping authors and artists get swiftly from brainstorm to pitch to published.
  • Ilise Benun, author, speaker, and founder of Marketing-Mentor.com and the Program Partner for HOW Design Live’s Creative Entrepreneur program, specializing in coaching creative professionals for 20+ years.
  • Gabriel Laliberte, who has a background in business development, with a passion for art and illustrations around the giftware industry, and a design business, including 8 years working as a vice president of marketing for an engineering firm, before focusing his attention on his entrepreneurial passions.
  • And several more!

=> Register here for this groundbreaking special online conference! <=

Sign up now, for access to ALL the live sessions, and get your questions answered in real time.

PLUS, you will get life-time access to the recorded conference sessions, and access to an exclusive Maker Mentors private Facebook group where you can connect and share ideas and successes with other “business builders”.

You may attend one or both days, all online, depending on your interests and/or schedule.

ALSO, the first 25 people to sign up will get a $97 gift card for ModernThrive.com, and three (3) people will win a year’s supply of free workshops!

As one of my valued subscribers, you may save $25 during your registration by using the discount code:  FriendsofSandy

==> ==> Hurry over here to register <== <== 

Next Gen Ecommerce – Closes Sunday, Dec. 6

My husband Malcolm and I first got online in 2004, with our landmark Tastes of Idaho online store. Later we added some long-form XSitePro sites, such as Huckleberry Rakes.

Then we got into WordPress ecommerce sites, focused on affiliate sales and “drop shipping”.

In fact, I’ve recommended Drop Shipping as a great way to test market. And you can expand your online properties without the hassles of warehousing inventory and shipping logistics.

Drop shipping also allows you to find products with commissions up to 30-40-50% or even higher.

Compare that to Amazon’s pathetic 4%. (Beyond pitiful, even though sales are pretty easy due to the Amazon brand.)

But now, I’ve found something EVEN BETTER than drop shipping.

What? Why do you say that, Sandy?? Several reasons:

• Deal with just one vendor, and you are ALREADY APPROVED. You don’t have to chase vendor after vendor down for permission — first, for selling THEM on the drop ship concept, and second, to get info on every product or line you put on your drop ship site.

• Instant, integration with the products… no more copy, cut, paste, etc. one product at a time, and running down good photos and information from vendors.

• MASSIVE inventory to choose from. In fact THE largest inventory of “from the factory” inventory on the entire planet.

• No multiple warehouse drop shipping software to worry about for integration with your shopping cart platform.

So what IS this program?

==> ==> Listen to the pitch here on Xpress Stores <== <==

What you will discover, is a simple “plug in” that connects you DIRECTLY to the ecommerce BEHEMOTH: Alibaba and her more friendly sister, AliExpress.

For about the cost of one month’s hosting on an ecommerce platform like Shopify, Big Commerce, 3Dcart, or Yahoo Stores (now Luminate from Aabaco Small Business), you can be in business in minutes. In just about any niche imaginable.

Note that it’s not all roses. You do need to know how to put up a simple WordPress website. Or spend a little time with one of the dozens of free WordPress training websites to learn how.

Of course, once you’ve done one, you can put up DOZENS more in rapid succession.

I know you probably have a website (or multiple websites) already.

However, this is the simplest, fastest way to test market a new niche — or create additional income selling products — that I’ve run across in my 12 years online.

The short video and information on this page is worth 4 or 5 minutes of your time, I promise:

==>==> Xpress Stores Alibaba Connection <== <==

As always, anything I suggest or promote, has to come with a 30-day unconditional moneyback guarantee.

I don’t really like the timing of this offer, as I am really busy this time of year.

But it does close late Sunday, December 6, and… it is SO inexpensive, I figure I will get value just playing around with it… but hope to open several stores.

My choice of inventory with the click of a button… nothing to ship. How cool is that! My hubby may kiss me… or something better!

And of course, so easy to get started, there still might be time to add an extra profit line for the holiday sales season!!! I will see what Malcolm has to say.

Anyway, I am giving it a whirl. Easy ecommerce profits. Multiple streams of online income. I love it!

Six Holiday Sales Mistakes

This is a busy time of the year for most producers who sell retail or wholesale.  Personally, we do nearly 2/3rd of our Tastes of Idaho business this time of the year.

Having said that, I was looking for a way to help support your efforts (as well as my own!), when I found this series of posts from the Academy of Handmade on Holiday Sales Mistakes.  Here is a summary of those potential mistakes:






The first four points talk about communication:

Branding is very important to help your business be seen and remembered by their logo or fonts or other visual feature.  One or all of these components should be included in all your packaging or on the product itself.

Your prices for your products need to be clearly marked on your website, in your sales materials and on your products at holiday or craft fairs.  Don’t make your customers ask you for your pricing as they may be reluctant to do so thus making you lose the sale.

Contact info should be visible everywhere on your website, in your sales literature and on your products.  You want customer to be able to find you after they have used your product (this is especially true this time of the year when many items are purchased for gifts).

When exhibiting in a show, make sure your booth has visible signage using your logo and/or graphics.  Once again, you want people to know who you are and remember you for later.

During the holidays, it is a great idea to update your website.  Show some festive pictures or focus on special baskets or gift boxes to feature.

And lastly, and maybe most important, take time to take care of you!  if you don’t, these are some of the things that can happen:

Become grumpy with customers

Space out on important tasks because you’re so stressed and/or tired

Injure yourself more easily

Get ill (which means you can become totally useless)!

Take time to nourish your body with good food, water and sleep.  Frequent breaks can be very refreshing.

And don’t forget family time….

Thanksgiving Dinner 3

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and a prosper Holiday sales season!