Trade Show Secrets E-Guide

Are Trade Shows in Your Future?

Discover the Secrets behind having a success Trade Show!

We offered a greatly reduced version of this resource many months ago, but the NEW version is HOT, and now includes:

1. A list of Trade Shows by state and around the world, plus a bonus website to find more shows!
2. Pre-marketing and post-marketing tips that will position your business ahead of your competition
3. Find out the important items needed at a Trade Show (would you believe a stapler is on the list!)
4. Expectations you may not know about before exhibiting at your first show.

Here are some of the other informational topics and features of this eGuide:

•    What are wholesale-only “Trade Shows”?Trade Show Exhibiting Secrets, 4
•    The trade show business model (and how it differs from retail shows)!
•    How to determine success (the numbers)…
•    Reasons to exhibit at wholesale shows!
•    Costs and fees (upfront, hidden, and incidental) and how to SAVE!
•    The REGISTRATION process (and timing)
•    How to choose a booth location (absolutely critical)
•    Adventures in pre-planning
•    Expectations and reality when you do your first show…
•    Building and designing your exhibit
•    Tips for exhibiting and operating your booth
•    Marketing:  Pre show, during the show and post show
•    Advertising opportunities AT the show
•    My TOP TEN marketing tips list
•    The future of trade shows

Find out more information (and more deals) about Trade Show Exhibiting Secrets!

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