Intention Setting Coaching Program

Are you looking to create workable intentions and goals to build or expand your business, but don’t know how to go about it?

Are you interested in a comprehensive program of coaching with supportive written materials?

Discover my NEW Creative Entrepreneurs Intention Setting coaching program dedicated to empowering you to take your business to the next level!

Sandy Dell is an experienced (but recently retired) independent sales representative for the gift industry. Operating her own successful repping and online wholesale and retail business for over 18 years, she’s gained extensive, relevant knowledge on how to sell and work effectively with gifts store buyers. She is also co-owner (with her husband Malcolm) of Gourmet Innovations – manufacturer and distributor of fine gourmet foods and gifts.  

In her search for more skills to help her coaching clients, she signed up for spiritual/manifestation classes through a New Thought Center. Nearly 6 years later, she became a licensed Spiritual Practitioner.  Having learned the secrets on how to manifest her perfect life, she sold their online retail and wholesale business and returned to her love for wholesale business coaching. 

With the accumulation of wisdom gathered from experience as a sales reps, store manager/buyer and producer along with knowledge in the personal development and spiritual niche, she can help you access your inner wisdom to create intentions and goals for your business.

The 60-minute Intention Coaching session focuses on some of the following points:

  • Finding your true purpose and direction for you and your businessIntention Setting Coaching Program
  • Access this inner wisdom to reveal the direction to go
  • Define your real needs based on our strengths and desires
  • Set some attainable written intentions and goals to follow throughout the year
  • Create a concise workable system

In this package, you’ll have access to more resources to help you succeed!

  1. A guided 1-on-1 session through the three sections of accessing your inner wisdom, developing your Being, Doing and Having desires, and mapping out your goals. ($100 value)
  2. Creative Entrepreneurs Intentions 21-page Workbook, to use during the session ($10 value)
  3. Workable plans and goals to help you through your business or business project. (Unlimited value)


What others have said about the intention setting process:

Sandy’s intention-setting coaching helped me remember and re-engage with who I am, which is what drives my work, whether creating products or intellectual property. There are not enough things that do that for us in daily life.

Listening to her ask the questions that matter with clarity and that loving heart which comes through in everything she does, snapped me right back into what matters and cleared away the ‘doubt fog’ that can creep in.

I am telling friends about her, and her caring, down-to-earth and informed style that I appreciate so much.

~ Lilli