“I have read Sandy’s wholesale guide and finding a sales rep guide books. To say the least they are invaluable for a beginning business person or veteran sales rep.

“Her style of writing is as personal and honest as her consultations are over the phone.

“The information she provides is the good stuff you actually really need to know!

“Sandy has given me the confidence and real life information I need to be a successful wholesaler and find the reps I need to build my business.

“Thanks a lot Sandy

“We will be in touch.”

Alexander Cohen
Santa Cruz, California


“Sandy has introduced our lines effectively, and been quite successful in securing new accounts for us, while also servicing many existing accounts. She has positioned our lines most favorably against our competitors in the huckleberry business, of which there are many!”

“She seems to have the right approach to selling products to potential customers without pressuring them. Her goal is to succeed!”

“I am pleased to recommend, wholeheartedly, Sandy’s skills in marketing to anyone.”

Harry Menser, Co-Owner
GemBerry Products
Sandpoint, Idaho
(Rep client since 2001)


“Sandy Dell has represented my products for many years, and tripled my sales the first three years. She is an experienced sales rep who is faithful and diligent on behalf of her clients.”

Sandee Tuck, Owner (recently retired)
Sandee’s Candees
Salmon, Idaho
(Rep client since 2002. She’s appeared many times on the Food Network show “Unwrapped”, with her top selling “Spud Fudge”!)


“Sandy represents us to retail gift stores and specialty food shops, which she’s done very successfully for a number of years. Sandy traveled over a wide territory from Montana to Washington, and her follow-up and feedback was invaluable to us as a company.”

“We’ve used the services of Sandy Dell for eight years, as a sales rep for our cards, books, shirts, and gift items. She calls on wholesale accounts throughout Idaho on our behalf, placing our products with new accounts, and restocking existing customers. She’s persuaded many existing accounts to expand the number of our items they carry.”

“We’ve found her to be enthusiastic, diligent, and detail-oriented. Idaho is a tough territory to work, because of the distances involved, challenging terrain, and small population. But Sandy’s improved our business in the state greatly, finding good accounts where there are few stores of any kind, and building customer loyalty through regular, dependable service.”

“She’s also proven adaptable to changing and difficult conditions. For example, she makes proposals for orders when the buyer isn’t available, then follows up later to get the order. Most reps have not been willing to do that, preferring to pass up the order if a buyer is not present on-site.”

“Her hard work and energy have helped build new wholesale business, and enabled us to keep business we’d otherwise lost. We sincerely recommend her!”

Paul Stanton, President
Duckboy Cards
Hamilton, Montana
(Rep client since 2002)


“Sandy is very detail oriented, and watches her clients’ bottom line. She always looks out for my best interests and makes suggestions, giving input and communicating at all phases of the sale. She is not only knowledgeable in her field but offers a great work ethic and values me as a customer.”

“Her top qualities are: Personable, Expert, and High Integrity!”

Donya M. Schweizer
Donya Maries
“Beyond Chocolate”
Prescott, Arizona
(Rep client 2007-10)
Moved to Ecuador 2012


Excerpts of a letter from a wholesale customer in 2006:

“We wanted to let you know, that we appreciate you in so many ways:

1. You are consistent and faithful in returning to our store time after time, even when we aren’t one of your bigger accounts.

2. You are always optimistic and cheerful, even when you may not have had an order all day, for all we know …

3. You are helpful and cooperative, supportive and complimentary, even when you have nothing to gain, monetarily, from your helping us…

“You are making good decisions, and we wish you much success in the coming years!”

Don and Joan (retired and sold business in 2009)
Gift Shop on the River
Orofino, Idaho