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How to Consign Your Products to Shops, Protect Your Interests, and Get Paid!

Whether you are just getting started in wholesaling, marketing through galleries, or considering consignment as a growth strategy (or you failed at consignment previously), this is THE guide for you. 

In addition to the PDF instructional materials, I am also offering the three Consignment Done Right!agreements in an editable Word document as well. Your download link will include the consignment ebook AND the editable bonus agreements.

Let’s take a peek at what else is in this eye-opening resource:

  • Why consignment is usually a bad idea!
  • The FOUR situations where consignment is almost always a good idea!
  •  How to protect your goods (and your pocketbook) while in the hands of a shop owner!
  • Bookkeeping and inventory control!
  • And much more!

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An in-depth peek at our 50+ member
“Selling to Retailers Mastermind” Group on Facebook

Read on for information on my hot off-of-the press, “Best of Mastermind”, an abridged 61-page resource, offering the best and most extensive comment threads from the mastermind.

If you want to ‘try out’ the membership before joining, consider purchasing my newest eGuide: The Best of Mastermind: Selling to Retailers — Discussions & Resources.

Here is a list of some of the thread topics in the Best of Mastermind:

  • Bar CodesThe Best of Mastermind
  • Catalogs Strategies
  • Consignment
  • First Time Order Incentive
  • Following Up with Buyers
  • Online Wholesale Inquiries
  • Qualifying Wholesale Customers
  • Sales Reps
  • Shipping
  • Trade Show Booths
  • Using a Fulfillment Service
  • Website Platforms
  • Wholesale Discounts

Of course, when you join the Mastermind Group, you will receive this resource for FREE!!!

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