Consignment Done Right

How to Consign Your Products to Shops, Protect Your Interests, and Get Paid!

Whether you are just getting started in wholesaling, marketing through galleries, or considering consignment as a growth strategy (or you failed at consignment previously), this is THE guide for you. 

I offer strong opinions about consignment. However, you may choose to start this way or maintain consignment relationships over a long period.

So, should you decide to consign, this is a must-read!

Topics included in this eguide:

  1. Why Consignment is Usually a Bad Idea
  2. Four Situations Where Consignment IS a Great Idea
  3. Consignment Pricing
  4. The Consignment Agreement
  5. “Professional Guidelines” Consignment Contract Overview
  6. SPECIAL BONUS:  Three editable Consignment Agreements you can use!

Regardless of your reasons for consigning merchandise, these editable agreements will help protect you. After all, you are leaving your beloved inventory in the hands of someone with NO INVESTMENT in your products (and without a written agreement… NO LIABILITY!!!) PS You should also have them fill out a trade credit application… just in case.

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