Creating Sales Materials That Sell

Wholesale Line Sheets, Sales Flyers and Other Marketing Materials

One of the most challenging tasks new producers face is creating wholesale sales materials.  Since wholesale sales materials are different than retail sales materials, I created this guide to address the differences and share the four different types of wholesale sales materials:  Catalogs, Line Sheet/Order Forms, Sales Flyers and Hybrid Line Sheets.

The guide explains the different components needed for effective wholesale sales materials and how you can design one or more of the above sheets.

Also, the following bonus resources are included with the mini e-guide:

  • Sales Materials Bonus Packet — templates formatted in Word so you can customize them to your specific business.
  • Sample Sales Flyer and Order Form (pdf files)
  • Sample Hybrid Sales Sheets (pdf files)

If you are struggling with how to create sales materials for your products, this is a must-buy book for you!


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