How To Price Your Products

Guide to complete retail and wholesale pricing strategies

One of the most common questions I am asked as a wholesale business consultant (and former sales representative) is how producers develop correct pricing for their products. As an in-depth answer to that question, I developed a written guide on the subject: How to Price Your Products.

In addition to the basic pricing formula used by most producers, we explore the following subjects to aid you in determining the best pricing for your unique creation:

1. Margin Vs. Mark-Up
2. Why Retail Stores Mark Up Products… So Much!
3. Primary Channels of Wholesale Distribution
4. Determining Direct Costs
5. Competing with Retailers for Customer
6. Purchasing in Bulk Will Save You Big Bucks!
7. Pricing Analysis

If you are struggling with pricing issues on your products, this is a must-buy book for you!

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