Websites for Wholesaling

Why Wholesale Websites are Different

Do you know the difference between a retail and a wholesale website? And why having a fully functional WHOLESALE ONLY website is much to your advantage?

Malcolm and I wrote a very informative ebook on the topic of “wholesale” web sites. The reason? The tactics and technology of a site used to sell wholesale to retailers are different than for a standard ecommerce site selling to consumers.

​ ​With this mini eguide, you may start leveraging key opportunities to expand beyond your direct selling efforts into the ONLINE environment. When you are ready to sell wholesale with a website, this will get you started! Increasingly, retail shop owners prefer to order online, without playing phone tag or wading through your note-taking over the phone.

Things you will learn:

  •   3 ways to manage wholesale ordering online!
  •   Why you should do KEYWORD ANALYSIS before putting up your site!
  •   Why you need a separate web site for wholesaling!
  • ​  Why quality photos are your best selling tool for buyers!
  •   The BIG social networking sites, and why you MUST be signed up!
  •   What blogging and article marketing do for your online traffic!
  •   Why video is the next big thing… even for “catalog” sites like yours!
  •   A secret tip for DRAMATICALLY improving sales conversions on your site!
  •   3 BIG sources for inbound traffic links!

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