Why Won’t Buyers Buy?

There are over 101 reasons why buyers won’t buy your products.  As a former road sales rep, I think I have probably heard all 101 of them!!

As a sales rep, I was able to visit a store, see what type of products they Why Won't Buyers Buy?did carry, and pitch them on the lines I had that I thought would work in their store.  In other words, after a while, there was very few stores I visited that didn’t buy something I had.

With single producers, having a line of complimentary products — such as a line of earrings, necklaces and pendants — makes it necessary to be more focused on which stores or buyers you talk to.

Following is excerpt from an excellent article from Clare Yuille with Indie Retail Academy discussion some of the main reasons why buyers don’t buy.

“But what am I doing wrong?”

1. Your wholesale price or terms and conditions are off.

Your lovely thing might be too expensive – or too affordable – for the stores you’re approaching. If your work is on the pricey side compared to similar items, the reasons for that should be obvious…

Whatever it is, I should know why you charge more than your competitors within three seconds of opening your pitch.

The same goes if it’s less expensive. If you make a budget or no-frills item that still appeals to shoppers, that should be immediately clear.

Your terms of business might be another obstacle.

If, for example, your minimum order is $500 but your lovely thing has a wholesale price of $2.50, you’re expecting retailers to make a huge investment in an untested product (and find somewhere to store it all until we can fit it on our shelves.)…

2. You’re approaching the wrong stores.

If you’re doing everything right when you pitch to retailers and you’re still not getting anywhere, those are the wrong damn retailers…..

But part of that process is selling to stores who match where you are right now. And if you’re just starting out, that might look very different to what’s in your head.

The bottom line is that if you’re not getting any traction with the retailers you’re pitching to, it’s time to find some new ones. Hearing no all the time sucks.

If you are not having much success with selling to buyers, I would compare the above tips and see if they help improve your sales ratio.